when & why you need VPN

You might be familiar with the term Virtual Private Network (or simply VPN), however you wouldn’t be using one.  When we say you should use VPN, you might think, why should I use it?  We assure you at one point or other in the near future; you will consider it significant as having an internet connection.

So why not to say a step ahead..!!

In this blog post, we will explain to you why and when you need to have a VPN.  There are several reasons on why you should use VPN with respect to your requirement as an individual or running a business enterprise.  We will try our best to explain each point which can come handy to you on each stage.

REASON #1:  You need better security against identity theft and bad guys online

First of all you need to understand the difference between an anti-virus software, firewall and VPN.

  • Anti-virus software protects you from viruses
  • Firewall protects your data available on your company
  • VPN protects and provides privacy for you data once it leaves your company

Now you surely know the difference.  You currently have anti-virus and firewall in your computer, and when connected to internet you will understand why you need VPN.  Soon a day will come when you will realize it was really silly not to have VPN.

REASON #2:  You hate it when your ISP or Network Owner, Monitor or Control your Online Activities

When it comes to Internet connection, we call it ours.  To be precise, we are all actually renting access to the Internet, under certain terms and conditions from the provider.

There is nothing evil behind these terms and conditions; however there are several documented cases around the globe where privacy rights of an individual has been transparently and badly disregarded by ISP.

We believe that every individual has the complete right for protect their data and their online privacy.  You would never see any enterprise that sends their private data on internet without any VPN encryption.  Then why should you risk your data online?

REASON #3:  To hide your IP Address (for Identity & Location protection)

When you sign up for Internet service, your ISP will provide you an IP address.  This IP address serves two main purposes.  Interface identification (host or network) and location addressing.

Curious to find out your IP address..??  To find out your IP address, just type ‘IP address’ or ‘my IP address’ in Google.  Google will provide your IP address.  There are several website which are available on internet from where you can track your IP address.

IP address reveals your location and information about you.  For instance, if you visit a website, your IP address shall be recorded by the website owner.  This information may be stored for years.

With the help of a VPN, you can prevent this from happening.  VPN provides you an anonymous IP address making it truly impossible to track your original IP address.  This way, not only the website owner, but also your ISP or search engines won’t be able to see your original IP address.  Even you can use IP address from any country and switch countries with respect to your choice.

Once you have activated your VPN service, we assure you that your protection of privacy, cloaking of your location and anonymity for your web surfing.

REASON #4:  You hate it when Search Engine Record & Store your search preference

Identical to your ISP or network owner, search engines too record your search (search engine identify you with your IP address).  Search engines will store each and every search of yours into your IP address directory.

Since all your searches are carried out with the same IP address (as you don’t change your IP daily) and when you carried out search it might lead to embarrassment or in any case is business of none.  On the course of storing all the searches with respect to your IP address with respect to several thousands of searches which you have carried out, you lose your privacy completely.

However with help of a VPN service, your privacy can be restored while you carried out internet searches.  When a VPN service is used, the IP address which the VPN provides is captured and your real IP address and location is protected and secured completely.


REASON #5:  Unknown Risks while using Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you’re regularly using Wi-Fi Hotspots for internet access, then you might be familiar with these terms.  For instance Sniffers, Sidejacking, Evil Twin, Honeypot Attack, ARP Spoofing, Free Public Wi-Fi Rogue Networks, Man-in-the-middle Attacks.

If you aren’t familiar with these terms then you should know it.  There are the few types of hacks which takes places in a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Most of us aren’t aware of the fact that Wi-Fi hotspots (paid or free) are awfully insecure.  The data includes instant messages, emails, and data which you have sent or received.  For hackers who lurk for an opportunity can easily sniff around and capture all your data without your consent or knowledge.

However it’s entirely a different story with VPN service.  Even if the hacker tries to access your data, they would only be able to capture several encrypted gibberish which they won’t be able to crack.


REASON #6:  Usage of Internet at shared hospitality or networks such as hotels

Just like Wi-Fi Hotspots, connecting to public networks is risky.  The risks are not limited to wireless networks.  For instance, if you’re connecting yourself to the internet through a public network such as hotels, internet cafes or RV parks, your data can be captured by others within the network.  To be frank, how do you like your data being accessed by the guy next door?

These public internet connections never have the level of security which you enjoy at your office or home.  Having a good VPN service during these runs would help you with data theft and bad guys from accessing your data.


REASON #7:  You reside in a country where VoIP calling applications (Skype) and Social Networking Websites are blocked Or Engages Internet censorship and Content Monitoring

 If you reside in a country where VoIP is blocked, social networking websites are blocked or other internet service being blocked then it would be really frustrating.  VoIP application such as Skype allows you to make free calls among the users and low cost international calls to landline and mobile.  With social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter, it’s hard to survive without them for a single day.

With the right VPN service you can easily unblock VoIP or social networking websites or internet services and stay connected.

If you wish to use VoIP service from VoIP restricted country, then we recommend you to use RingtoWorld application which comes with inbuilt VPN facility.  Just install the application to your Smartphone and enjoy international calls.

If your residence is at a country where they engage Internet censorship and content monitoring is carried out, then VPN is the only solution.  As VPN service shall assure you complete anonymity and access to uncensored content over the Internet.


REASON #8:  Using an Application or a Service when Blocked Geographically

 With the help of a good VPN service provider you can connect with any application or service from any geographical location.  You can even check the products provided by Witopia, they provide the service with money back guarantee during the trial period.  If you’re not satisfied with the service, you never risk your money.


REASON #9:  To boost your Security & Privacy to next Level

You need a good VPN service if you’re planning to have an extra security & privacy with a complete security solution.  Well, we need to understand that several enterprises have implemented VPN as their security solution a decade before.  With the pacing world of growing Internet service, and everybody with extensive amount of personal data, everybody needs to have VPN service to have an added security.



Within a couple of years, a day will come when you can’t think of a device which is connected to Internet without VPN.  Just like now, you can’t imagine running your computer without an anti-virus or firewall (as they are the basic requirement).

Stay a step ahead from others and get your devices protected with VPN service.

So what kind of security measures do you use in your device? Let us know in the comment section below.